Annie Perrault
Placeholder person
Vital statistics
Title Annie Perrault
Gender Female
Species Human
Age 15
Alias Amy, Number Nine
First Appearance Pursuing Amy
Last Appearance War of the Clones
Status Deceased
Location Paris, France
Annie Perrault, also known as Amy, Number Nine, was a Project Crescent clone raised in Paris, France. She was both a skilled ballerina and a neo-Nazi.

Background Edit

After the original Project Crescent scientists terminated the experiment, Annie was adopted by a family in France. Her family had some racist ideals and were very concerned about Annie's heritage. They were pleased when they found out that their daughter was created to be genetically superior to others. Although Annie shared her parents' beliefs, she never felt like they were adequate role-models or truly her family because of their human imperfection. This prompted her to join a group of neo-Nazis that was actually tied to the original organization behind Project Crescent.

After Annie found out she was a clone, she toured the world as a ballerina and hoped to one day find another Amy. She was very excited when Amy Candler came to see her in Paris, and she quickly became Amy's friend. The friendship ended when Amy realized that Annie was involved with Nazis.

In "Return of the Perfect Girls," Annie befriended Amy, Number Five and Amy, Number Eleven. She tried very hard to convince the other clones to support the organization's goals and help her take over the world. When most Amys escaped the island, Annie chose to stay and was artificially age-progressed by the organization. Unfortunately, the age progression had damaging effects on her health and ended up killing her near the end of "War of the Clones."

Personality Edit

Annie has a warm, friendly personality around people she considers "good enough," but is very cruel and even disgusted by average or "inferior" people. She is charismatic but ultimately evil and self-serving.

Appearances Edit

  • Pursuing Amy
  • In Search of Andy
  • Return of the Perfect Girls
  • War of the Clones

Abilities Edit

Annie is a skilled dancer. Unlike Amy, she cannot lip-read because she finds it distasteful to learn skills utilized by deaf people.

Relationships Edit

  • Amy Candler is the first clone she befriends. Their friendship is short-lived because Amy does not support her Nazi loyalties.
  • Amy, Number Five becomes friends with Annie on the island but only so that she can keep up her charade of supporting the organization and protect Aly Kendricks.
  • Andy Denker becomes her enemy after he realizes that she is connected with neo-Nazis.