Nancy Candler is the adoptive mother of Amy Candler, a scientist in cosmetics, genetic-engineering, and a biology teacher at a college university.


Nancy was born and raised in Washington, DC by her two parents and spent most of her childhood as an only child. In her late teens, her younger brother Neil was born with a genetic disorder that could make him easily die. Her mother couldn't bear the thought of seeing her baby die, so shortly after he was born and diagnosed with his genetic disorder, she went into a deep depression, becoming mentally ill and was forced to go to a mental hospital. During this time, Nancy's father attempted to raise their ill son. Nancy then graduated high school and planned to go to college. By the time Neil was four years old he was still very ill, Nancy's mother had died in the hospital, and her father, being unable to deal with all of, just left and later died in a motorcycle accident. Nancy then decided to raise Neil herself, and moved into an apartment with Neil (Neil recieving weekly check-ups at the hospital.)